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How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

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How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

Apple Inc. rules the mobile world long before Android operating system for high class smartphones was launched in 2007. Operating system developed by Apple Inc. is popularly known as “iOS” and this OS is used only with the devices made by Apple i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily
How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

But, it is a complicated operating system for general users and it is very hard for users to transfer songs/ringtones/data from iPhone to computer so we’ve found a very easy way through which you can transfer iPhone ringtones to computer.

So, without wasting I’m going to tell you the easiest way to transfer songs/ringtones from iPhone to computer.

Transfer Songs/Ringtones from iPhone to Computer

I know you might be very excited to know the complete process for which you’re reading this article on my website.
We’re going to use a software named as “Mobikin Assistant for iOS” to transfer iPhone ringtones/songs to computer. Below I’m going to discuss the complete process from that will help you to move your songs/ringtones/data between your iPhone & computer.
So, lets get started 😉
But before starting download the “MobiKin Assistant for iOS” software for Windowsand Mac version.

Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer with Mobikin Assistant for iOS

How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily
How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily
Even though this software has both Windows and Mac version, also the interface of these two are completely different for each other but operation performed is almost similar and hence we will be taking Windows version for showing you the example.
First of all, install the “MobiKin Assistant for iOS” on youe Windows computer and then link your iPhone to computer with the help of USB data cable.
By default, the software automatically detects the device and show you the interface like the image below. If this window doesn’t appear automatically, click ‘Refresh’ button to detect your device.
N.B. In order to recognize your device by the software successfully, iTunes must be already installed on your computer.
Once the program had successfully scanned your device, Find and open ‘Ringtones‘ option in the left panel select the ringtones you want to transfer from iPhone to computer.
Once you’ve marked all your desired ringtones , click ‘Export‘ button to save selected iPhone ringtones to computer without losing any data.
If you want to make a backup of all the iPhone ringtones folder to your pc, click the image button of hook on the top menu to select the all files at one time.
Hurray!! All iPhone ringtones have been transferred to your Windows computer safely.

Wrapping it Up

So, this was an easy and complete article to transfer iPhone ringtones to computer with a software called Mobikin Assistant for iOS.
Hope, you might have found the article interesting and useful in moving songs/ringtones from your iOS device to Windoes/Mac computer.
If you still face any difficulty while transferring your songs or ringtones from your iPhone to computer.
I think this will be enough for today’s learning, I will be coming up back with many more such useful tutorials.
Thanks for Reading!!