Run iphone apps on android – iOS Emulator Apk For Android

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Run iphone apps on android – iOS Emulator Apk For Android

Run iphone apps on android: Two of the best operating systems for mobile are the Android and iOS. But, these two are not only the best mobile OS but top competitors as well. In the mobile advertising world, these two are names that you can always here although most people don’t particularly know iOS. This is because Android has apparently become more popular and cheaper too compared to iOS.

At the same time, Android phones have features that are provided at relatively low cost, which makes it more appealing to a lot of people. But hey, this article is not about the competition between these two but rather on the fact that you can actually run some iPhone apps on Android using an iOS emulator. One of the many questions that people ask is “can you run iPhone apps on android?”

It is very much possible for you to run iPhone apps on an android emulator which is deemed not possible before because of compatibility issues. It has now become possible to run iPhone apps on Android emulatorwhich mean that you can use iPhone apps on Android without any problem at all. Of course, you have to learn first the steps on how to get iPhone apps on Android and learn about the features it offers you.

Run iphone apps on android – iOS Emulator Apk For Android
Run iphone apps on android – iOS Emulator Apk For Android

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Important Features & Requirements Of iOS Emulator For Android iEMU APK:

Well, that is no longer the case because you can already run iPhone apps on android designed to make it all possible. But, for you to be able to use iPhone apps on android, and understand how to run iPhone apps on android phones, there is one thing you need to do. You have to learn how to download iOS apps on androidand use the iOS emulator for Android Apk file. On that note, it is best for you to learn more about the features of iPhone emulator for Android.

  • Allows you to run iOS apps on Android tablets and mobiles.
  • Access all features of iPhone apps when you run iOS apps on Android emulator
  • iPhone emulator for Android needs higher version
  • When you run iPhone apps on Android emulator, it can save you game date every time
  • App files take 61M for iOS emulator
  • Supports many different gamepads
  • Android phones or tablet must have a RAM above 512MB

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Steps on How to install iPhone Apps on Android with iOS Emulator

Here are simple steps to follow on how to get iPhone apps on android phones and tablets so that you can enjoy iPhone’s features on your Android device:

  • The first thing you need to do is download the iEMU Apk file. When you search online, you will find many sites where you can download the Apk file including here. Download this file on your PC or directly using your android device.Once you have downloaded the file, cut and paste it to your android phone with the use of a USB cable. If you have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or file sharing app, you can also use them to successfully transfer the file to your device. Save the Apk file.
  • Run iphone apps on android – iOS Emulator Apk For Android
    Run iphone apps on android – iOS Emulator Apk For Android
  • Proceed to the file location in which you saved the Apk file for iEMU. Open it using your mobile device to run it.
  • Once you opened it, it will automatically install itself with your Android’s file manager.
  • It will only take a few minutes to get the file installed. Once it is done, it will be installed as “padiod” in your Android device.
  • Click the icon for “padiod” to run it and now you can start using games and apps for iOS on your device.

You must not that the Padiod iOS emulator supports only zip and ipas files. So, here is a short and very simple instruction on how to get iPhone apps to your Android tablets and phones using iOS emulator.

How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

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How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

Apple Inc. rules the mobile world long before Android operating system for high class smartphones was launched in 2007. Operating system developed by Apple Inc. is popularly known as “iOS” and this OS is used only with the devices made by Apple i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily
How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

But, it is a complicated operating system for general users and it is very hard for users to transfer songs/ringtones/data from iPhone to computer so we’ve found a very easy way through which you can transfer iPhone ringtones to computer.

So, without wasting I’m going to tell you the easiest way to transfer songs/ringtones from iPhone to computer.

Transfer Songs/Ringtones from iPhone to Computer

I know you might be very excited to know the complete process for which you’re reading this article on my website.
We’re going to use a software named as “Mobikin Assistant for iOS” to transfer iPhone ringtones/songs to computer. Below I’m going to discuss the complete process from that will help you to move your songs/ringtones/data between your iPhone & computer.
So, lets get started 😉
But before starting download the “MobiKin Assistant for iOS” software for Windowsand Mac version.

Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer with Mobikin Assistant for iOS

How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily
How to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily
Even though this software has both Windows and Mac version, also the interface of these two are completely different for each other but operation performed is almost similar and hence we will be taking Windows version for showing you the example.
First of all, install the “MobiKin Assistant for iOS” on youe Windows computer and then link your iPhone to computer with the help of USB data cable.
By default, the software automatically detects the device and show you the interface like the image below. If this window doesn’t appear automatically, click ‘Refresh’ button to detect your device.
N.B. In order to recognize your device by the software successfully, iTunes must be already installed on your computer.
Once the program had successfully scanned your device, Find and open ‘Ringtones‘ option in the left panel select the ringtones you want to transfer from iPhone to computer.
Once you’ve marked all your desired ringtones , click ‘Export‘ button to save selected iPhone ringtones to computer without losing any data.
If you want to make a backup of all the iPhone ringtones folder to your pc, click the image button of hook on the top menu to select the all files at one time.
Hurray!! All iPhone ringtones have been transferred to your Windows computer safely.

Wrapping it Up

So, this was an easy and complete article to transfer iPhone ringtones to computer with a software called Mobikin Assistant for iOS.
Hope, you might have found the article interesting and useful in moving songs/ringtones from your iOS device to Windoes/Mac computer.
If you still face any difficulty while transferring your songs or ringtones from your iPhone to computer.
I think this will be enough for today’s learning, I will be coming up back with many more such useful tutorials.
Thanks for Reading!!


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Love shopping online? Who doesn’t, right? According to a report by Google and Forrester consulting, India would have 100 million online shoppers by 2016. What makes shopping online so special? It can save time, energy, fuel, a list of comparisons of prices and even 24/7 availability. What else? You can also purchase products that you are ashamed to buy in the public. (Just kidding: P) So today, let us review one such shopping app Shimply, one of India’s fastest growing, multi category online bazaar for Indian products.   Compared to other giant shopping apps, what makes Shimply different is the patented pending technology of “virtual trial room” which gives you the freedom to see in advance how the product of your choice look on you, before you decide one. Wondering how it is possible? Hold on. Read below.



     Needless to say, Shimply android app holds a ton of shopping material at any time and are organized by category on the homepage itself, making it easier for the users to quickly choose their desired products. The very first time you launch the Shimply app from the app drawer, you have to register by providing your name and E-mail address. There you go. At the top, there are icons of search button, cart, virtual trial room and a menu button.
The design is pleasant enough and intelligently executed. There are eight small icons on the homepage with visually attractive images which represents shopping materials for men, women, kids, etc. In short the app is very simple to use so that even a newbie online shopper can easily understand.


     The idea behind Shimply app is relatively simple. The idea of using a virtual trail room makes online shopping closer to physical shopping. This technology makes use of the camera on the customers’ phone to click their picture and then the customer could place a product on it to check how well it would suit them. A customer could try on multiple products as well. Making use of the hand gestures and touch features, customer could drag the product to any part of the picture.  Customer’s photo as well as the product can be re sized to generate a parallax and 3D effect. It makes the customer feel as if they were actually wearing the product. The same is also applicable for home decors also to see how it looks on their walls, rooms etc. The patent pending technology aids the users to click their picture and try the products on the app without saving the picture on the phone.

   Founder and CEO of Rajat Garg says,

 “In e-tailing categories like apparel, accessories, and furniture, consumers want to touch, feel and try before buying. Not only the consumers’ hesitation about the look of clothing or an accessory, disappears with our app, it also helps them try unique products which represent the Indian diversity and culture. This is the reason why we encourage people by saying ‘India ko try kar ke dekho’

     Countless huge selection of shopping materials is the next amazing feature. Customers can choose from an exhaustive collection of 1.7 crore products. Customers can shop for Sarees, Jewellery, Salwar kameez, Bridal suits, Kurtis, Men apparel etc. Shimply also has regional products, foods and dress of specific states etc. For example, if you are searching for a specific product basically seen in south India, you can easily find the product from south Indian stores of shimply. As Shimply app mainly concentrates on Indian market, all sorts of Indian products are available. At present, materials for women, men, kids, home decor, books, food from states, dresses from different states and finally health related products are available.
Once a product is selected, you can view all details and description about the product. Below every product, other products which match the same are shown. Also, you can refine your search to get the best product.  The products are sourced from different parts of India and reflect India’s diversity and culture.
Shimply app also has refer and earn programme. Once you register on Shimply app, you get 50 Rs for shopping. Later on, from next invite onwards, you and your friend both get 25 Rs. Also on every purchase, you get 1% of total amount credited as shimply bucks.FINAL THOUGHTSWhoa! Shopping online has become quite simpler now. Admit it; everyone worries about buying products online without having a try. Although there are a number of other shopping apps like Flipkart, Amazon etc available in the market, none of them provide a virtual trial room and this is where Shimply outshines others. Let’s wait and see how well this new innovative idea by Shimply would work among customers. So I personally suggest giving Shimply app a try. I bet you will find this app useful.